“I would highly recommend Pete and the company a true pleasure to work with.” SMWF Ltd



“I would highly recommend Pete and the company a true pleasure to work with.” SMWF Ltd


DesignJet 500
SMWF Limited

I have worked with Pete for over a year and I can’t fault his expertise and professional manner in any way.

I have worked with quite a few large format companies in my 14 years as an IT professional and never had the level of support like we have received from Pete.

I would highly recommend Pete and the company. A true pleasure to work with.

Architectural Practice

Peter of Bristol Inkjet has supported my company’s printers for over 5 years. We find an annual service keeps them reliable and in top form.

We have an HP Designjet 510 and originally contacted them as we had a 5:10 error, which we were told was a defective formatter card and which another company quoted over £600 for fix. Peter said that he could reconfigure the machine to work without the formatter and service it with a 12 month warranty for £235. That was many years ago and it’s still running well.

Fabrication Engineers

We have an HP 1050 which had serious ink leaks. This was traced back to the tube system. We were told a new tube system was not available, and that we should replace the machine.

Bristol inkjet confirmed it was the tube system and that they had rebuilt tube systems available.

They promptly came in serviced the machine and replaced the faulty tube system. We opted for the All You Can Eat package meaning we got the service at 50% discount and pay only £45 / month for unlimited ink, paper, printheads and service.

Medium Scale Builder

We don’t know anything about printers. But we need to print site plans. Bristol Inkjet offered us a simple rental contract. No minimum rental period and everything included. It was the no brainer option. Now 5 years in we are very happy with the printer and the company.


High Street Print Shop

Bristol Inkjet bought our old HP Designjet 5500 UV printer after our supplier could not make it work. We did not want another experience like that again.

Bristol Inkjet took it away but also offered me the option to rent a similar rebuild printer with unlimited ink, printheads and service. This was ideal given our previous experience. Bristol Inkjet took all the capital cost of our ownership and also all the risk to keep it in service.

Three years ago we took up this deal. Their refilled inks are great. We see the company once a year for the annual service. It’s made my business less stressful and more profitable, plus Bristol Inkjet are nice guys who understand what’s important in a long term supplier relationship. Trust, respect and value. Top people.

Map Graphics Limited

I find Blackbox Inkwell competent and reliable concerning fast response times to call outs and help and advice over the phone. Servicing and coaching my large format Inkjet printers to preform beautifully and extend their life span.  I would not hesitate to recommend.

Kitchen / Furniture Maker - Multiple High Street Locations

We use Bristol Inkjet for all our support needs on HP Designjets. Machine moves, service, repairs, and supplying rebuilt HP Designjets. We often need to do complicated stuff and meet tight deadlines. Bristol Inkjet has been a great partner and exceeded our expectations.

Night Club Owner

My company runs a string of night clubs and we constantly need posters to promote events and drinks offers.

Our HP 1050 printer had done a great job for us but needed a new belt. Bristol Inkjet came in and serviced it. We now run two Designjets both on an All You Can Eat contract. It makes printing easy and simple to manage. Just one call for anything to do with printers.

Public Sector

Secondary School

My school rents an HP printer from Bristol Inkjet. The machine has been really reliable and not let us down. The main advantage is we can use it without fear of the cost. Kids and staff love it

It’s a great deal, as for a low annual fee we get unlimited printing, including inks and service. They provide enough paper under the contract to print around 250 A1 colour posters a year, which is just about what we need

We use the printer all the time for classroom displays, posters, art work, indoor banners and life size portraits.

And we are not tied into a long contract, unlike most reprographic companies where the contract can be 3 or 5 years. It’s renewable annually.

Local Authority

I work for a local authority printing notices and timetables etc for public display. Our printer seemed to be at the end of its life and we considered replacing it with a new one, though it turned out we could not justify the cost.

Bristol Inkjet came in and rebuilt our printer, spending around a day stripping it down, replacing worn parts and then testing.

We subsequently went on an All You Can Eat support contract which gives us everything we need except paper.

After three years we have had one repair call out, plus the annual service visits. The machine continues to be a productive and solid work horse.

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